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One of the best restaurants in Montreal, Qing Hua Dumpling offers a warm atmosphere where you can savor all your favorite Chinese dishes. You will have the choice of a wide variety of fried or steamed Chinese dumplings, meat dishes, soups and salads that will surely satisfy your appetite and your desires. Discover what makes Qing Hua Dumpling a popular restaurant and one of the best in Montreal.

If you do not know what to order, do not worry, here are our suggestions. For a good start, a delicious starter such as peanut butter balls or marinated cucumber salad is a must. Continue your meal by choosing from a multitude of delicious Chinese dishes prepared only with premium ingredients. Pork with cabbage, chicken with mushrooms and peanut butter ravioli are our most popular dishes. We also offer an assortment of seafood platters, as well as comforting soups that you absolutely must try!

Whether it's dinner, dinner, or your nightly cravings, our menu will impress you every time! We invite you to join us occasionally and if you do not want to leave the comfort of your home, order. Just choose your meal from our online menu, and Skip will deliver it to your door! Order now!


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In the Press

I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a dumpling fix.

My absolute faves were the lamb and fresh coriander, with amazingly rich broth within.

[...] universally praised in the media and by Montreal’s tight knit foodie community

Serving some of the most authentic, delicious soup dumplings I’ve had in the city